Pregnancy Week 23: Adjusting and Expanding

Well, I can certainly tell I am pregnant now – coming and going!  Baby boy seems to be growing, and pulling me along with him!  My profile view is definitely one of a pregnant lady.  And boy oh boy can I feel him in there.  It was like he doubled in size this week and decided he wanted to be known….punching and kicking and twisting and flopping all around in there.  Uniquely odd and rather strange, sometimes painful, feelings!  I am getting used to feeling them though and look forward to anticipating when he may want a little attention.

Since starting the gestational diabetes diet, I am very happy to report that my daily nausea has gone away.  Yay!  I do still have some crazy food and smell aversions, but the on-going nagging feeling of being sick has left the building!  The diet is not much easier, salads every day and a snack of cheese and peanut butter still don’t float my boat, but if that’s what it takes, that’s what I am doing.  I stay slightly hungry, which doesn’t help my mood swings (you can ask my husband about that one!), but I am still struggling to keep my sugar in check, even with the diet plan.  Most days it does ok, but sometimes it is crazy high with little to explain why.  I am still having high fasting numbers and am worried since they just won’t get any lower that medication is in my future as well.

The lack of food and carbs is making it tough to get a daily workout routine going.  I am aiming for 15-30 minutes of walking a day, but when I have an extra 30 mins, all I want to do is nap.  I am so tired all the time, I could sleep anywhere, anytime!  Except at night of course!  (Of course!!)  I have a bit of pregnancy insomnia at night, mainly I think because my back aches so badly and my mind is going 90-to-nothing thinking of all the things we need to be doing forebear baby gets here, thinking about what I ate or need to eat the next day and trying to keep all my business ventures going.

We have started working on the house finally – we have SO much to do to get ready for a baby and haven’t done much of anything except talk about it.  We started cleaning out my office and consolidating my business supplies.  Most of them will move out to our outside shed/work space, and then my desk is moving into our living room.  Shane’s daughter is moving into my office and her room, which is next to ours, will become the nursery.  We have a goal to finish emptying my office and organizing the work space in May.  Then moving Hailey into her new room in June and then we have July and August to make the nursery come together.  Frankly, I am glad I still have another 5-6 weeks since I have no idea what I want to do with the nursery.  I have some ideas, a whole Pinterest folder and we bought a white crib, but that’s as far as we have made it!

And then there is the subject of naming this poor kid.  Right now, he is going to be known by his current nickname, Taco!  I just can’t come up with a name that I LOVE.  I have a list that I like, but none that just make me know for sure.  I know I still have 4 months, but I would love to break out the embroidery machine before poor Baby Taco gets here!

Despite my struggles and issues, I have managed to keep one thing in check this pregnancy and that is my weight.  At 5+ months pregnant, I am down 5 pounds from where I was when I started in December.  NEVER thought I would need to get pregnant to change my eating habits and get healthy! Shane says it is the silver-lining to all of this, plus we read this week that the baby is getting taste buds so he should come out loving fruits and veggies!

No doctor appointments this week – thank goodness, but I am headed in to a respiratory specialist to discuss sleep apnea issues next week.  Then the following week I am back with my OB to check on my blood sugar status.  This kid should come out the healthiest little thing in the world as often as I see a doctor!


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  1. Sounds like me! Except I don’t have a special diet. But boy is Bentley kicking away! He acts like he doesn’t have enough room in there…lol! We haven’t even begun on his room..sigh! I know exactly what I want and where, it is just the fact of getting in there and starting…another sigh…..we atleast got the crib (which was the boys before) and we are picking up the bassinet tonight and next month will be the car seat…oh so much to get done! I know how you feel about the aches and pains, expecially at night! I am so tired then at night I just can’t seem to stay asleep!
    Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy. Just think we are over half way there!

    1. Shane felt a good kick today and then actually saw my belly move when he kicked again! They are certainly active at this point!

  2. Mary Louise Savoie | Reply

    Sounds like you’re doing everything right.

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