Week 21: my first week with GD

Welcome to my {new} world.  4 times daily, every day.

Welcome to my {new} world. 4 times daily, every day.

What a week this has been!  As we hit 21 weeks on Wednesday, and Monday’s diagnosis of gestational diabetes was still sinking in, I was completely overwhelmed.  I spent all day Tuesday crying.  Literally.  I just couldn’t quit.  Through the ride to my doctor’s appointment, through lunch, on the way home, all night.  My poor husband didn’t know what to do or ho

w to help.  Honestly, there was no help or anything anyone could do.  I had such a feeling of sadness, anger, desperation, confusion – just so many emotions all at once.

Wednesday I just took it easy.  Started adjusting to the new diet and read two books on my Kindle on GD, trying to educate myself on what to eat and what to avoid.  I took a three hour nap, partly since I find it easier to sleep through the challenges if I can.  I had a raging headache from lack of sugar and carbs and was starving.

Thursday my testing supplies were finally approved and ready so that was a new challenge.  I took my first blood test reading at 8pm, two hours after dinner, and cried through the whole thing.  Yes, it hurt.  Yes, I realized it was the start of a new lifestyle I wasn’t ready for.  Yes, I am just emotional.  My sweet husband even went first to share in the pain and experience with me.

Now its Friday, and I just watched my office co-workers enjoy a party complete with sandwiches, dips, pigs in blankets, chicken wings and chocolate pie, as I sat in the corner with my glass of water and waited for my husband to bring me a salad for lunch.  This was not an easy day! I tried to stay social until the pie came out!  Then I just couldn’t take it and had to excuse myself.

As I test my sugar more, I will learn what my body needs.  Last night my sugar was low and I had a moderate level of ketones in my system (which is not good for baby, and means you need more carbs) so I had a yogurt and pretzels for a snack.  But then woke up to a slightly high sugar level this am.  Obviously there is much to learn and many adjustments to be made along the way.  I am feeling better today, still a bit lethargic but the headache is almost gone.  My fingertips are getting sore, esp when it takes me two or three tries to test my blood properly, but I am learning and I am sure will toughen up and get better at the blood draws.

Now since my sugar was good after lunch, I am going to have a spoonful of spinach dip and a few pretzels!


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  1. I completely understand how you feel. I had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy and I just found out that I have it again with this one. It does suck and it is very hard to change your eating habits. I wish you the best of luck, and remember it will all be worth it in the end 🙂

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