16 weeks: Pregnancy Milestone…or was it?

I have so much to share and update you on, but it is 9 minutes past my bedtime, I have to get up before dawn tomorrow for all day training and my husband is calling for me to get in bed, SO this is all you get! I really do promise more later.  I HAVE to tell you about my experience registering (not a good one), all my friends who are also preggers and my first UN-solicited belly touch!!  Oh yeah, it happened!

But for tonight, I had to squeeze in what I think happened today.  Being my first pregnancy, I really don’t know what to expect in terms of my body.  I can tell you I am experiencing all sorts of things so far – many unexpected – and most un-enjoyable, but I am most nervous and yet looking forward to feeling the baby move.  I am a bit worried I may freak out seeing my tummy move or finding a foot sticking out, but I am also looking forward to being reminded, in a better way than nausea, that my little boy is alive and kicking in there.  So today, I laid down on the bed just talking to my husband.  (It was brutally cold in our old drafty house and I was trying to warm up!) I am an avid tummy-layer, so I still have a pretty bad habit of lying flat or at least semi-flat on my stomach until it gets uncomfortable.  Well today, as I am lying on my tummy, I felt the strangest thing.  It almost felt like my insides were tickled, only for a few seconds.  A flutter if you will, all in my lower left abdomen area.  I froze still wanting to feel it more, but when the second tickle came, I moved and it stopped.  I then burst out laughing as if I had indeed been tickled!  I don’t know if it was wishful thinking, or perhaps my first real baby movement, but it was a crazy moment!

I don’t know if I should lie on my tummy some more, or if he was saying, “hey Mom, get off of me!!!”.  So anyway, my husband is now yelling for me so off to bed I go.  Hopefully where more flutters await!


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