Pregnancy Week 14: 2nd Trimester Here We Come!

FINALLY!  We have made it to the second trimester.  I am hopeful this is the month I start feeling better and maybe can enjoy a day or two of this pregnancy.  I will say that today I had to leave the house early and forgot to take or bring along my Zofran, and so far (knock on wood) I have felt pretty good today.  Maybe its a step in the right direction!

As I look back on the first trimester, there have been some milestone moments already. We started the year off learning about our new baby on the 1st – what a way to start the new year.  I then started real estate school a week later, morning sickness and all!  We heard a trace of the baby’s heartbeat for the first time on January 22 – at just 6 weeks along.  In February, I had my first cravings – for Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos…..and we then nicknamed the baby Taco!  (Yes, I still have those cravings!)  We were back to the doctor to meet our regular OB on Feb 13 – my Dad’s birthday – and saw the baby and heard a strong beat.  I cried!  Probably my favorite pregnancy day to date!  In February, I also had my MaterniT 21 test, to check for any chromosomal issues.  The results of that test came back fine and perfectly normal on March 5, and also learned that our baby is a BOY!  I cried again.  We just went back to the doctor on March 12 and all my vitals and stats look great and Baby taco showed a heartbeat of 155 – strong and healthy!

(Yes, I know there are a lot of exclamation points in that paragraph, but I am excited!)

My first trimester was not easy or fun.  I lost 8 pounds from my lack of appetite and constant nausea, despite the weekly taco runs!  I have had terrible stomach cramps and ligament pains, as well as charlie horses in my calves and the onset of headaches the past week.  I am not enjoying pregnancy, but I am grateful and blessed to have this little life, our little miracle, growing inside of me.  The tears that fall daily are a reminder to me of the love and emotion that is building for my little Taco, even if I do cry over being out of coke and my favorite shampoo.

Our BIG BLUE Announcement

Our BIG BLUE Announcement



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