Day 85: Best Pregnancy Day To Date.

I finally had a good pregnancy day.  Yes, I was still sick and felt crappy.  But we received wonderful news.  My doctor’s office called with the results of MaterniT21 test – a blood test checking for abnormalities in chromosomes.  The results came back good – no sign of any issues.  It was such a relief and feeling of calm hearing that our baby is healthy.  I have mixed feelings about all these genetic tests they recommend because of my ‘advanced maternal age’ and have declined some of them already.  This one seemed simple enough and I would rather be prepared if we need to prepare for special needs, so we went ahead with it at 11 weeks. 

Another plus side of the test is that they found out the sex of the baby!  Yes, we know pink or blue!  But I’m not telling just yet!  (Unless you catch me in a Jessica Simpson oops moment! Did you hear about that?  It’s called baby brain folks!)  I am working on a surprise reveal this weekend, so hopefully I will have a fun blog for you next week with our news.

Which one will it be??

Which one will it be??

I will tell you that knowing has added a whole new level to the pregnancy.  I feel like I can identify more with the baby knowing the gender, it just made it more real.  I am also even more emotional knowing that we have a s/he in there!!  I am tickled pink and blue to share this wonderful news……soon!


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