12 weeks, 6 days: Pregnancy countdown to the 2nd trimester

In my mind, I have one of those annoying little countdown clocks clicking away to the end of my first trimester. On day 91 of this pregnancy, I am praying all of the blissful fairy tales I have been told of the beauty of the second trimester do indeed come true.  I have read about it in my pregnancy books and blogs and have found myself daydreaming about this magical time when I no longer hate being pregnant and can stop feeling so miserable and negative.  Just this past week, I went five days without going #2.  5 DAYS!!  My tummy hurt, I looked 5 months pregnant from the bloating and I could barely eat feeling like there seriously was no room for more food.  Constipation is not ok!  And all I could think about was that this is how hemorrhoids get started 😦  And this was on top of the daily, all-day long nausea; gagging at the smell of cooking food, bleach and toothpaste; indigestion; and exhaustion.  Oh, and least I forget the most recent symptom, round ligament pains!  Good lordy, those pains are no joke!

I had a chance to talk with a couple of girlfriends this past weekend and was able to feel normal as I shared my experiences and honest feelings about pregnancy.  It felt good to talk to others who had uncomfortable pregnancies and didn’t make me feel ungrateful by admitting to the crappy parts of pregnancy.  I am excited and thankful to finally be pregnant, but seriously, someone could have told me that it could be this tough and miserable.  I guess there is some ‘numbing’ and maybe even a form of amnesia that hits new moms after the birth of their new baby and maybe you don’t remember HOW bad it really was.  Or maybe all my friends are just fricken’ super-heroes and this was nothing to them. Or they all had easy, “I barely noticed I was pregnant’ pregnancies.  I don’t know, but I am here to tell you, I am PRAYING that week 13 starts off on the pregnancy honeymoon I’ve read about……and if it doesn’t….man, I really will have a few words to share!!



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