I have a good excuse……

Why, yes, I have been MIA in blogging for awhile now.  It’s not like I don’t have anything to share……I did get knocked up in December!

2 lines = a baby!

2 lines = a baby!

Oh boy, oh boy!  (or girl!)  Shane and I have been trying to conceive (TTC for us fertility challenged folks) since we got married October 2010.  Honestly, we ‘gave up’ in August 2012 when I lost my job, and my insurance, and we just didn’t have the energy for charting, calendaring and taking expensive medicine…..nor did we have the money.  We had tried several rounds of Clomid over the past two years, but it didn’t work and we knew we were in for a big of a longer challenge.  So, we decided to take a break, not think about it, get jobs, get insurance and try again in a few months.  Well, God had other plans!  It seems we just needed to slow down and take a break to make things ‘work’ better!

Fast forward to Jan 1, 2013.  I had been SO sick with a terrible cold – I mean not leaving the bed for 4 days, surviving on sleep alone.  I had slept through New Year’s Eve and finally arose on the 1st.  And in doing so, had a bit of a moment of clarity, realizing I felt horribly nauseous and that didn’t seem so cold-like.  I glanced at a calendar, realized I was a few days ‘late’ and casually grabbed a pregnancy test.  You see, I went through about six months were I peed on a stick every month hoping it would be positive…..convinced I was late and pregnant.  I should have bought stock in Clear Blue.  Imagine my shock and disbelief when the damn thing came up with TWO lines.  I had to read the box three times to make sure I was seeing things right.  I promptly went back to bed and just starred at the ceiling.

Shane came home from visiting my Mom and Dad (and getting some germ-free fresh air) about half an hour later.  He had no idea…….I heard him in the bathroom, and yelled in, ‘Hey, I left something on the counter, can you bring it to me??’  I heard him move a few things and then say, “What is this? Oh MY GAWD!” and came running with the freshly-marinated stick in his hand.  I was still in shock and am not sure I managed to muster much compared to his enthusiasm.  You see, I had just spent four days in bed and wasn’t sure how I even managed to aim for the stick in my current state.

Oh, I have so much to share, and I am sure this blog is about to get busy.  Maybe I should change the name to Our Purdy {Pregnant} Life for awhile.  I apologize now if I get too graphic or blunt, but let me tell, this pregnancy has NOT been a cakewalk so far.  Honey, we have some catching up to do!


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