Never too old

Apparently the old adage is true… can teach an old dog new tricks. Not that I consider myself old at the seasoned age of 35, but at some point, I am sure I believed I would stop learning. You know, just start using what I already know. I mean how much more can my brain hold? (Insert winky smiley face here)

Shane and I are at a two-day conference on social media business strategies in Orlando, FL. I am a self-admitted social media addict/junkie as it is, but as much time as I waste spend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube and Pinterest, I am not sure how much it really is growing our business. We have a very active Facebook fan page for one business, but fans rarely move beyond our FB page….they rarely go shop our on-line store or come to our open houses or events. When I really stop and honestly review ALL the time I spend on-line, I have to admit I don’t seem to be making much improvement in our sales. So here we are…..learning.

And learn we have. Do you know that 54% of purchases made from a smartphone are made by MEN?! This is a new phenomenon since traditionally the majority of all purchasing is done by women. If you run an on-line business, this is so important to know……1) is you website ready for smartphone shopping? and 2) does your site appeal to men and women? Are you making it easy for people to find what you have?

One of the greatest lessons of this first day has been the new mantra, “say no to pimping”! It sounds cute and funny, but the message really hits home…..and hits me with a direct blow. Quit pimping out your products to your friends. Sales pitches, if you must, belong on a FAN page….not a friend profile. Your friends that will shop with you will go like your fan page. Your friends will get tired of hearing your pitches and prob hide you! And then you’ll wonder why they never comment on your cute kid pictures and funny joke posts! I am a huge pimper! And I must stop it now!

We are learning what it means to build a business culture and community. A topic I know about, but never seemed to think it applied to our little family business. We don’t have a storefront or employees or a corporate structure, but we need to treat our on-line forums like part of our Purdy family…..and welcome you all into our community…..not just a page or a post. We are now truly working on creating what the Purdy World experience is all about. Our long-term customers know, but we want everyone, even those just passing by, to get the same experience….even with just a first impression.

So yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks, a social media junkie can learn new things and you never outgrow learning. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow teaches us!


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  1. Great stuff!! Thanks for sharing!!

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