Happy 1st Day of School Eve!

So that title may not make me the most popular person on-line tonight, but let me tell you, I am doing a little dance in celebration of the start of school.  Our kids start back tomorrow – one in 8th grade and one in 10th grade – and I have been waiting for this day since about the second day of summer break.  I like schedules and discipline and routine.  I am not a fan of laziness, constant bickering, kids staying up all night and wanting to sleep all day and, in general, not having a routine!!

Especially now that Shane and I are both working from home, full-time, and focused on our home-based businesses.  When your home is your office, summertime becomes ‘take your kid to work day’ every day….and that is not conducive to getting a lot of work done some days.  Not when your kids need to come to the kitchen every 30 minutes, prefer to watch the ‘big’ TV in the loving room and somehow seem to have a question every 10 minutes.  And eat, man have we gone through some food this summer!  Anyone else out there have a teenage boy in the house?  Well, then you can relate.  We can finish dinner at 6:30pm, and our son will be in the pantry by 7pm looking for ‘something’.  At least we’ll have a few hours of quiet and food-feenzy-free hours now that school is back in.

I will finally find comfort in the family calendar being used and not staring at me blankly with the constant reminder there is nothing scheduled or planned.  Summer is too spontaneous, too un-disciplined, without enough routine.  I need a calendar greeting me each morning and reminding me of practices, games, tests, due dates and party times.  I need chores to be done by 9pm, not midnight.  I need the kids having quiet reading and study time – not unlimited TV and computer time.  My OCD will now be contented watching the daily tasks and plans come and go with a feeling of system and accomplishment.

Oh, schools in for fall!  Let my inner mommy rejoice – and don’t tell my kids I’m this happy to see tomorrow come!


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  1. Hmmm… we are “home schooling” this year and personally, I hope it is more freeing than being tied to the school schedule!

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