We’re kickin’ it on KickStarter

Our little company, Purdy Little Things, began in December 2009 with an adventure in making handmade Chirstmas gifts.  By January 2010, we started offering handmade Scrabble tile pendants for sale through Etsy and Facebook.  Then we opened www.purdylittlethings.com.  We began adding new products every few months, and really expanded when we started offering boutique-style jewelry.  By late summer, we launched our Friday Night Facebook Purdy Sale…….something we’ve pretty much become infamous for…..and are still going strong after 2 1/2 years.

Now we offer dozens of handmade products and bring in 12-20 NEW boutique items each week!  Our website is going through an overhaul and we’ll relaunch www.purdylittlethings.com by summer 2012.  And now, after years of slowly expanding, we are getting further along on our business plan and we are ready to bring you our line of Purdy Sweet Tees!  Our Southern-style tee shirts are coming to you from here in the Deep South.

We’ve tested the graphics, asked our customers about color options, found a fabulous LOCAL tee shirt shop, tried on lots of sample sizes of shirts and have the designs ready.

We have choosen to use KickStarter, a crowd-funding website, to launch the line and take pre-orders.  We will take pre-orders through June 3rd, go to print in June and you’ll get your shirt in July – in time to show it off for the summer!  Kickstarter allows you to pledge your support by pre-ordering your tee shirts at a price of $25/shirt, which includes a FREE gift and shipping.  You can choose from 7 designs (some shown in the video, on Facebook;  www.facebook.com/purdysweettees and our website; www.purdysweettees.com  ).  Each will be available in sizes for men, women, juniors and kids.  Kickstarter will process the orders and handle payments for this initial pre-order stage.  This is a cool way for us to gain support for the new business and be part of a really cool process – crowd-funding!

We hope you are ready for it!  Here we come…..Purdy Sweet Tees! Thanks for supporting our journey and expansion.  If you are ever in Starke, come by and we’ll thank you with a glass of sweet tea!




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